Ethno-Electic Sensation Mark Eliyahu

  • Teater Bremen, Time: 19:30
  • Price: 200 kr.

JCC presents Mark Eliyahu, whom we already experienced in the film The Ballad for the Weeping Spring. Already that time we were enchanted by his masterly virtuosity on Kamanche and Baglama and now we’ll have the pleasure of listening to him in concert!  

The Israeli musician was born to a well-known family of musicians in Dagestan. His father is a world famous Tar master Piris Eliyahu, and little Mark lived and breathed music and dance since he was born.

At 4 he began violin studies and in his teens he travelled to Greece to study Baglama and Greek-Turkish music, later he studied in Azerbaijan, and since 1999 he launched his solo career on the stage.

He composes, arranges and performs Mizrahi music and his charismatic performances attract huge audiences both in Israel and all over the world. Since 2015 he plays with his band Makam with Arab, Turkish, Indian and Azeri musicians.

He has composed and played film music, composed for dance companies and theatre plays. Today he is one of the leading and most influential musicians in the Israeli World Music scene.     

Eliyahu was chosen by the European Union to represent Israel in various international projects, and has performed on some of the most prestigious stages across the globe with his projects and ensembles, and with his father, Piris Eliyahu.

His music is based on ancient Central-Asian, Persian, and Middle-Eastern musical traditions, brought together with Euroepan and modal harmonies that preserve the essential emotional qualities of the music, while making it accessible and inviting to everyone across boundaries of time and space.

Mark Eliyahu - Kamanche, Baglama

Piris Eliyahu - Tar

Rony Iwtin - Percussion

Eldad Zirin - Piano, keyboard

 Price 200 kr

Members of DJS and PP 150 kr

Teater Bremen