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The film is an entertaining drama about the birth of the Paralympic Games that came about in 1948. The remarkable Dr. Ludwig Guttmann had been an internationally recognized neurologist in Germany in his thirties, but his career had suffered under severe anti-Semitic laws prohibiting him from treating non-Jews. He fled Germany in 1939 and came to England. In 1944, he was given the opportunity to become a physician at a spinal cord department in Buckinghamshire.

The Best of Men is the story of how Stoke Mandeville Hospital has in a few years changed the treatment of spinal cord injury patients and was transformed into the site of the first Paralympic Games.

Guttmann - a remarkable character, funny, compassionate and charismatic - was the one who transformed the place. His big idea was sports, as a way to build strength and as an antidote to depression. He rejected the fatal care regime, challenged the negative staff and insisted on introducing the idea of ​​physical therapy as medical treatment.


English subtitles

Duration: 90 min.

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